Print and Binding Instructions


Photoshop templates of our most popular sizes are available to get you started. They are simple documents with guides that you can use to bulid layered designs. psd templates

Layout Requirements

We print in the panoramic format. Double the width of the final album to get spread size.

Example: A 10x10 album, is made from 20" wide by 10" high documents at 200DPI. 4000x2000 pixels

The first and last pages of an album may be submitted as single images or 2 page spreads.

Resolution: 200dpi

The Durst Lambda interpolates 200dpi files. Higher resolution files are not necessary and will lengthen your FTP times unnecessarily.

Color Space: sRGB

Please do not submit CMYK files as their conversion back to sRGB will result in a loss of color values.

Trim Area: 1/8"

We trim off roughly 1/8th inch of all outside page spread edges.

We recommend you design your spread to the actual edges of the PSD template provided.

Full-bleed images must extend beyond the trim area to the page edge. Clone extra background, frame it in a border, or float the image against a solid color like black (i.e. black background flush to the edges). This will eliminate any surprises in the trimming process.

When placing inset images near the outside edge of your design, a good rule of thumb is to place them ½” to ¾” from the designs edge.  This will help achieve a balanced look to the finished album design after edge cropping.

If you are making a design that will be made into both a full-sized album and a mini-clone, figure in ¼” to 3/8” trim area. The percentage of area that gets trimmed will be greater in the smaller copy then on the original. Be sure to allow for this in your design, by keeping critical areas away from the outer edges.

Numbering pages

Number your pages in the order that they will appear in the album. Each 2-page spread has one number 01.jpg, 02.jpg, 03.jpg etc... A 30-side album of 15 panoramas will be numberd 01.jpg-15.jpg

Saving files

We accept single layer JPG images only. Use a high quality setting like JPEG 10 or 12. The loss of quality from a PSD or TIFF file to a JPG at these settings is minimal.

Submitting your order:

FTP: When your order is ready, contact us for your FTP site

To upload your images by FTP you will need a program.

We recommend Fetch for Macintosh, and Cute FTP for Windows. Both programs offer a free trial.


We accept CD's with a completed order form. Their is a charge o $10. Your first CD submission is free.

Allow a total of 4-6 weeks for your completed album to arrive.

If your question is not answered here, contact customer service , or call (949) 494-8997

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