Smooth Black
Distressed Black
Distressed brown
NuBuck Black
Laguna Blue
Wine Red
Miami Yellow
Bubble Gum
Flower Brown
Flower Black
Ostrich Black

Cover Styles


Mini Clones & Parent Albums

Cover Selections

Choose from a selection of our cruelty-free materials. They look and feel so much like leather, that it is hard to tell the difference.

We have three cover styles, plain front, double matt, and padded.

We offer a choice of plain white, gold or silver gilded edges

How Our Album is Crafted

Each album is hand-made to exacting standards by our craftsmen.

First, the prints are inspected and trimmed. Then they are laminated with a linen texture coating. This material protects the pages against fingerprinting and fading.

The laminated pages are then mounted to mattboards.

The matts are stacked and trimmed to the fiished size.

We then machine-sand each side for 15 minutes so that the edge gilding will be a mirror-like finish.

Your choice of cover material is stretchd by hand and the final album is carefully assembled.

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